Redwall by Brian Jacques

Redwall by Brian Jacques

Ok guys I have added a new segment to the writing of my daily week, today I’m going to share with you a “Book From The Past”.  Like the title says I’ll write a review about some sort of book, series, or story that I have read as a child or growing up.  This is a nice activity to show my readers, followers and friends the way I matured in the reading community.  I’d like to warn you in advance though, that I wouldn’t say that I matured much.  Since day one, from the time I had started reading for fun, I have always been hooked to fantasy fictional stories.  There is something about jumping into an author’s made up world, and taking on the role of the hero.  I like to believe its Disneyland or Universal Studios in a book.

For today’s article I will be doing a review on one of Brian Jacques‘s first books from The Redwall Adventures which is “Redwall“.  The Redwall Adventures contains some amazing stories with some action, a touch of drama, and hint of comedy.  In Jacques’s world of fantasy, he leans away from elves, dwarves and dragons and uses a more kid friendly environment of Animals.  I believe this type of use of characters kept a me a persistent reader as a child.

In Brian Jacques’s book Redwall as I recall an evil rat cutlass who went by the name Cluny the Scourge and his crew of rogues, tries to terrorize the abbey of Redwall.  The sight of the invading horde sets the peaceful inhabitants of the abbey into a frenzy.  A discussion goes on between all the creatures on whether they should all decide to leave or stay.  A young mouse Mathais, convinces the elders not to flee and to hold off the invaders.  Looking for clues on how to defeat Cluny and his fearsome crew, Mathais comes upon some ancient writings and with the help of some friends uncovers the mystery.

As a child I really enjoyed the book of “Redwall“, it was a nice and easy to read and the way Jacques wrote, kept my short attention span as a child focused.  I believe the author’s use of animal characters in an old medieval type of setting made the book really appealing.  The adventure and challenges that the main character Mathais had to overcome, made him a real catch.  I recommend this book to those parents out there who wish to  provide a nice book for your children to read.

If this book really caught your interest you can purchase this amazing story as an eBook for a nice price of $0.99 at Amazon.  If my article wasn’t enough and you would like to read more about Redwall, you can check out a review from my favorite site Goodreads or checkout Theo WolfTiger‘s review.  I would like to thank you all and please leave a comment on your thoughts.

  1. amseghir says:

    I’m not so much into this kind of books, but I have to agree the use of “friendly” characters is a better alternative. This would certainly encourage me to read this book.
    Thank you 🙂

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