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Posted: September 3, 2013 in Monday's Quotes
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Abbot Mortimer

Abbot Mortimer

“Are you going to go down on your knees and beg for your life, old one?”
Abbot Mortimer stared calmly into Cluny’s savage eye. “I will never bend my knee on my own behalf. However, if I thought I could save the life of one of my friends I would gladly fall down on both knees. But I know you, Cluny, better than you know yourself. There is not a scrap of pity or mercy in your heart, only a burning desire for vengeance. Therefore, I will not kneel to one who is consumed by evil.” 

– Abbot Mortimer, Redwall –

I obtained this quote from one of my favorite childhood books.  As a matter of fact I recently did a book review on it from my Book From The Past article.  This quote is actually a discussion between the Abbot Mortimer a character from the book Redwall by Brian Jacques, directed towards the evil cutlass Cluny the Scourge.  During the confrontation between the cutlass and the abbot, Cluny intimidates the old mouse into begging for his life.  Nobly the leader of Redwall denies the evil rat the satisfaction of his humiliation.

This  quote spoke to me as I read through the confrontation, and really gave me the shrills as I imagined Abbot Mortimer’s courage standing up to Cluny.  From this quote I’ve learned that sacrifice for one’s benefit can be quite selfish, but the sacrifice for others is a really courageous deed.  However in the face of great evil, there are times when sustainment of one’s dignity will prove a point and cause a greater blow to that evil.

Cluny the Scourge

Cluny the Scourge

For more quotes from The Adventures of Redwall you can find some at Goodreads or check out the Redwall Community at Redwall Wiki.


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