Betrayal Of Thieves by C. Greenwood

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Book Reviews
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Looking for a heroine in a nice book series to start?  Well “The Legends of Dimmingwood” series might be what you are looking for.  In Betrayal of Thieves, Ilan is a young thief who, after the death of someone close, leaves her old life for something better.  In this sequel, which I just recently finished reading, she journeys off to the city for a special meeting and in hopes to rescue her captured friend.  With the help of a warrior priest and a mischievous city thief, she sets out on the task.  After several of months hiding and worrying for the safety of her friend, she comes upon the kidnapped and to Ilan’s surprise it is not what she is expecting.  

Betrayal of thieves is the second book to  C. Greenwood’s series “The Legends of Dimmingwood.”  The story continues from where book one, Magic of Thieves left off.  After discovering the death of Brig, Ilan realizes there is no reason for her to stay in the band of thieves any longer.  She sets off with the intention of meeting a warrior priest, who she met during a previous encounter, in the city of Selbius.  She catches her friend Terrac as he tries to secretly follow her, but they soon are ambushed by a group of soldiers.  Ilan escapes but the young boy takes an arrow to the back and is assumed captured.  Fearful for her life, she makes it into the city, but is unable to find the warrior priest.  Befriending a city thief he helps her find the man she was looking for, and they set out on the rescue for Terrac.  Upon finding he is better then well, she arranges a meeting with her childhood friend.

I really enjoyed C. Greenwood’s second book of The Legends of Dimmingwood.  You get to see a more feminine, caring, and naive side of Ilan.  In the previous book she is constantly battering on Terrac, so it is perceived that she doesn’t care for their friendship, her perseverance for his rescue shows you otherwise.  Her inexperience puts Ilan in a disadvantage as she doesn’t know the lifestyle of the city folks.  Lucky for her, she befriends the city thief Fleet, who keeps her out of big trouble.  What makes this series really exciting is the end,  Greenwood leaves the readers with a nice twist and cliffhanger, which makes me want to jump right onto the third book.

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