In this new category “Who’s That Author”, I will be writing about an old or new author that I have come upon during my reading adventures.  To me, book reviews judge and help other readers rate a book that they have read.  These reviews give credibility to how other readers might judge a book.  From my readings, I’ve noticed that sometimes if a book is not a genre that I fancy, but I have a good understanding and relations with the author, I will overlook my stubbornness and end up reading the book.  With these articles I want to share with my viewers all the types of authors that I have and will come across, and what better way than an author review.  Now you book writers out there don’t need to worry about me giving you a bad name or rep, my intentions are to show my viewers, authors I like and how their writing style and techniques bring in my interest.

So for this week’s “Who’s That Author”, I want to introduce to you and author whose books bring out the awesomeness in female heroines.  She goes under two aliases C. Greenwood, you might have noticed her from my recent book review of Betrayal of Thieves, and Dara England.  As C. Greenwood this author writes in high fantasy, and as a matter of fact I actually looked up what that genre meant.  High fantasy are the type of books that I enjoy to read, the basics of it is, if a book takes place in a made up world then it is deemed high fantasy worthy.  Some examples I guess could be, the Lord of the Rings series, The Sword f Truth, or The Wheel of Time.  The Legends of Dimmingwood series are all published under the author’s pen name C. Greenwood.  As Dara England she has multiple books and series out, one that you might find interesting if you’re into historical fantasy is her books from the Accomplished series.

From my experience with C. Greenwood‘s work of The Legends of Dimmingwood, I find her writing style creative and enjoying.  The use of her words and sentences were nice and simple, making it really easy to read and follow along to the story.  Her series made it an ideal book for teens and young adults to read.  The reader wouldn’t be too overwhelmed with big words which would cause many young readers to lose interest for lack of understanding, also she didn’t go overboard with detailing everything.  This kind of writing tends to make me concentrate on the scene being described, and majority of the time I find it distracting and dry, which could ruin the book for me or mislead me from the main attraction.  Through all the readings of C. Greenwood‘s books she has become one of my favorite authors and I recommend her works for all those who enjoy high fantasy novels.



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