About the JosephBoy

JosephBoyAs a young child I wasn’t an avid book reader, there was nothing my mother could do to get me to open a book.  Hooked on Phonics, well I was that kid my mother was so persistent to get me to read or at least the same reading level as my peers.  Book reports, reading assignments, story time none of those were of any interest to me.  By the age of 10 my reading level wasn’t up to par and my mother was getting really worried.

I remember finally at the age of 11, there was a book give away going on, anything free my mother was on it.  As we were digging through boxes filled to the brim of all types of books, I pull out this hardbound with a picture of a scrawny boy on a broom stick hand stretched out.  In my head I was like, “what in the world?”  Taking a closer look at the cover, I noticed on his forehead was a tiny lighting bolt, and yes my friends I found the first edition of the Harry Potter series “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”.

At that time anything with barley any pictures and over 30 pages of writing I automatically thought they were books for college students or adults.  So I walked over to my mother, book in hand, and I told her that I found something that she would like.  Surprised she questioned where I found it, and sent me on a hunt to find the second series of the book.  We left that day with a whole bunch of books in hand and the 1st and 2nd series of the Harry Potter edition.

For some reason I got hooked onto Harry Potter, it was the way J. K. Rowling wrote that made it really interesting for a kid like me.  When I was caught up with all her series and just waiting around I had that feeling of loss or that feeling of a hole in my stomach because the imaginary adventure I built in my head was at a hold.  So I picked up the series of Redwall by Brian Jacques, and soon after I was exposed to a whole new world of books.  With that one book I have been introduced to many amazing authors and with every day that passes I find many more.

New to blogging I hope to share my experience with others and hopefully when I am finished with a series, someone can point me into the direction of another interesting one to start.


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