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Looking for a heroine in a nice book series to start?  Well “The Legends of Dimmingwood” series might be what you are looking for.  In Betrayal of Thieves, Ilan is a young thief who, after the death of someone close, leaves her old life for something better.  In this sequel, which I just recently finished reading, she journeys off to the city for a special meeting and in hopes to rescue her captured friend.  With the help of a warrior priest and a mischievous city thief, she sets out on the task.  After several of months hiding and worrying for the safety of her friend, she comes upon the kidnapped and to Ilan’s surprise it is not what she is expecting.   (more…)

The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons by Craig Halloran

The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons by Craig Halloran

The last weekend I finished  book 1 of “The Chronicles of Dragon” series, The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons, by Craig Halloran.  It is a fantasy novel which takes place in Halloran’s world of Nalzambor.  In this adventure, Nath Dragon journeys off with his loyal dwarven friend Brenwar, to earn his scales to become a dragon.  The hero learns despite his valiant intentions the consequences for his actions may cost him the very thing that he holds dear. (more…)

Magic of Thieves by C. Greenwood

Magic of Thieves by C. Greenwood

I just finished C. Greenwood’s first book of “The Legend of Dimmingwood” series.  Magic of Thieves takes place in Greenwoods fantasy world, in the Dimmingwood forest.  This fictional tale paces the main character in situations where she must decide between what is right or wrong.  She struggles through the choices she has to make because of her thieving guardian’s upbringing.  By the end of the book she realizes the position she is in and leaves her adopted home for something better.

Early on in the Magic of Thieves, the main character is orphaned because of the cleansing.  The Praetor decreed that all beings that possess magic were to be executed.  Parentless she flees from her pursuers, and is taken in by a group of thieves residing in the Dimmingwood forest.  Without knowledge of the magic she possesses, they name her Ilen.  Ilen grows into her adolescent years, and becomes more productive within the camp.  A new member unwillingly joins Ilen’s band of thieves, but has trouble fitting in because he was following the path of the priesthood.  As time passes the thieves’ of Dimmingwood reputation grows and soon attracts the attention of a group of Fists.  One of Ilen’s close thieving friend dies and she realizes that the road she is trudging is not what she wants.  The story ends as Ilen abandons the thieves, in search of something better.

Magic of Thieves entered with a dramatic beginning as C. Greenwood narrates the unfortunate slaughter of Ilen’s mother and father.  I didn’t feel the excitement that I would usually feel in my favorite books until nearing the end of Magic of Thieves.  The rescue of Brig brought out the heroine in Ilen, and from that point you will notice a bit of her maturity.  I feel that this was a build up for the sequel to Book 1, Magic of Thieves.  I am expecting a lot from C. Greenwood’s next book, because Ilen seems like she is going to blossom into an amazing character.  If you’re looking for a female protagonist this is the book for you.  In C. Greenwood’s tale, females can be just as brave as males.

At first I was reluctant to read Magic of Thieves, because I am not too fond of stories that have only heroines.  Mind you I am not sexist, it is just that I like to take on the role of the main character as I read, and when they are females it’s kind of hard to do.  A post by, “The Librarian who doesn’t say shhhh” changed my perspective with her article “Reconsidering “Strong” Female Characters”.  She writes about different books that have strong female leads, and how they are really popular.  It is a nice article and suggest all of you to check it out.

If this review about Magic of Thieves by C. Greenwood sparked an interest in her series, you should read it.  By clicking the image at the top or “Magic of Thieves” will direct you to Amazon where I purchased this eBook for free.  Down Below are C. Greenwood’s next two books of “The Legend of Dimmingwood” Series.

Betrayal of Thieves by C. GreenwoodCircle of Thieves by C. Greenwood

H. L. Watson, Unlikely Alliance

Book 2 of H. L. Watson’s The Elven Age Saga

Title: Unlikely Alliance

Series: The Elven Age Saga

Author: H. L. Watson

Pages: 338

Genre: Fantasy

I just finished book 2, Unlikely Alliance of H. L. Watson’s “The Elven Age Saga”.  In this fantasy world, the characters fight off slavers and trolls as they try to protect their growing community of half-elves.  Despite the taboo of interbreeding between elves and humans, the main characters learn that a community of diverse races helps them become a successful kingdom.   

Unlikely Alliance continues right from where the first book, Birth of the Half Elves left off.   Brendela, banished by her father from the Western Wood Elves, strives to seek a new home for her group of elven handmaidens and human rangers.  Together they build a settlement including a group of runaway dwarves, and befriend the most feared Kazzic wolves.  Brendela and her community endure many trials, which help them adapt and strengthen their defenses.  After a hundred years, the small group of handmaidens and elven trained human rangers transform their small settlement into a strong kingdom.  Donogar’s growth soon catches the attention of the neighboring elven communities and they notice the threats that this half-elven community could create.  The book ends after an unsuccessful attack from one of the opposing elven kingdoms and an official alliance from the other.

I found the second book to be even more exciting than the previous one.  I enjoy reading about the underdog or in this case the underdogs, succeeding despite the disadvantages that they have to endure.   After reading Watson’s most recent series, I am actually disappointed that I have to wait for this coming winter for the third book to come.  Unlikely Alliance was full of action, passionate love, and overcoming difficult challenges for the main characters of this book.  H. L. Watson did an amazing job, and I can’t wait for his next book to be released.

If this review sparked an interest in H. L. Watson’s world of Ryyah, check out my review on the first book “Birth of the Half Elves“.  If you like what you read and want to start reading the series, I’ve provided a link to the location in which I downloaded Birth of the Half Elves free at ““.  Not sure what is, check out my article about you can find it in the bar to the left.  Unfortunately you can’t download the second book of “The Elven Age Saga” from however it is available for purchase at Amazon as an ebook for under $3.00, click on the image at the top of this article to purchase Unlikley Alliance by H. L. Watson.

Kerala and Akenji's Adventure

After the book review I did of H. L. Watson’s, “Birth of the Half Elves”, I conducted a little bit of research about the world of Ryyah. Found out that there is a 2nd series titled, “World of Ryyah, Unlikely Alliance”. Now I am a really big fan of, so I logged on to my free account and searched for more titles under H. L. Watson. Unfortunately book 2 in the Elven Age Sage wasn’t listed; however I did find “Kerala and Akenji’s Adventure”. If you create a free account with and download Birth of the Half Elves, you’ll find out that Kerala is the elf princess’s handmaiden and Akenji is Donovan’s best friend. This eBook was a really short story; it consisted of only 42 pages. Apparently this was the first half taken from the 2nd book, “Unlikely Alliance”. I don’t know about you guys, but I think this was a really good marketing plan, because at this moment I am hooked and about to purchase “Unlikely Alliance”. That is how good I think this series is turning out to be.

Even though “Kerala and Akenji’s Adventure” was really short, I felt that it helped me enjoy the series even more. Watson writes the tale of Kerala and Akenji as they develop a relationship wondering through new territories. Their unfamiliar relationship tests the boundaries of the taboo humans and elves intimacy. I will admit friends that I did get a little bit teary eyed as I read through this short story, so make sure you have tissue at hand. I give thumbs up to Watson and I am really excited to start “Unlikely Alliance”.

If this article sparked an interest of the world of Ryyah, download “Birth of the Half Elves” from!  If you are unfamiliar about the site, check out the article I wrote ““.

Birth of the Half Elves

I just wiped through the last page of this E-book using the app using my smart phone.  Birth of the Half Elves was the journey of the human ranger Donovan, and his vengeance turned rescue quest.  Donovan and a couple boys from his village suffer an ill fate during their early childhood.  Barbarians massacre the kid’s fathers, and separate the children from their mothers to be sold as slaves.  Donovan and the youngling’s captors are killed by a group of elven rangers for trespassing in their land.  After finding out what happened to Donovan and his village, the leader of the rangers takes pity on the boys and convinces her King to take them under her care despite his distaste and rules regarding humans.  Years of care under the Elven Ranger Alayna, turns the orphaned youths into skilled rangers of the Elves.  They are sent on suicide missions that sometimes end in their deaths.  One in particular is the counter the escape of the Barbarian slavers who have kidnapped the Elven princess, Brandela.  Despite being outnumbered the human rangers held off the barbarians until the king arrived with more warriors.  Alayan dies with a number of her human rangers even though the leader of the barbarians still escapes with the princess in tow.   Disregarding the king’s order, Donovan sets out to take revenge on Alayna’s death.  After finding out the plan of the barbarian’s plan to sell the princess to the dark elves, Donovan rescues the princess and leaves the kidnappers to the wrath of their customers.  A number of things happen as Donovan and the princess avoid the clutches of the barbarians.  Their journey is where the real adventure begins, I will leave that part for you to find out and enjoy.

Birth of the Half Elves is the first book of the Elven Age Sage.  The world of Ryyah in which Watson has created seems similar to the segregation and the prejudice of our world.  Two different creatures of different race fall in love despite how society looks at each side.  The message and the chivalry of the human rangers, no matter how they are frowned upon, kept my interest in this book.  Watson displays Donovan as a hero that I love to read about.  Brave, cunning, skilled and honorable disputed the hatred felt towards him and his race.

Overall this was a fun read, I would recommend it to those who are into novels of magic, and mythical creatures.  I actually downloaded this E-book for free at  If you don’t know what that is check out this post I made about it here, the article is titled “”.