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Intro and first post

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Messages from me

Just finished a book or series and feeling a bit lost or empty, and don’t know what to do?  You’re probably too timid to pick-up another book because it might not have the same chemistry as you had with the novel you finished.  Are you looking for someone or something to point you in the right direction?  Well friend, I am in the same boat as you and so I’ve decided to help those out there with the same issue.

With how modern technology has brought us, reading has never been easier than ever.  E-books are a really big fascination right now.  With an E-book you can easily purchase any novel or book series that you have an interest for, and have it accessible to you through smart phone, Ipad or E-reader.

Here on my blog I hope to write of past, present, and future novels.  I want to share my experiences and feedback to other readers who might find interest in what I read.  Hopefully I can build a community in which readers of the same interest will finally feel at peace to share and tell with fellow readers.  By keeping up with my post, you’ll never have to worry or wonder what to read next.  Maybe I’ll even have you eager to finish your current book because you’ll have more waiting for you to read.