The Hero, The Sword And The Dragons by Craig Halloran

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Book Reviews
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The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons by Craig Halloran

The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons by Craig Halloran

The last weekend I finished  book 1 of “The Chronicles of Dragon” series, The Hero, The Sword and The Dragons, by Craig Halloran.  It is a fantasy novel which takes place in Halloran’s world of Nalzambor.  In this adventure, Nath Dragon journeys off with his loyal dwarven friend Brenwar, to earn his scales to become a dragon.  The hero learns despite his valiant intentions the consequences for his actions may cost him the very thing that he holds dear.

Craig Halloran has the reader jump straight into action, as the main character Nath is fleeing the pursuit of some persistent Orcs.  He amazingly escapes but with some deadly wounds, which he avoids a  near death experience with the last drop of his magical healing potion.  The hero finds himself back at his father’s home after being away for a really long time.  Demanding his presence, Nath and his father converse concerning the role he must fill being the son of such a great dragon.  Understanding his position, he sets out with his loyal friend Brenwar to discover and mature as a dragon under the instructions not to return until he has earned his first scale.  Nath starts his journey off in a confrontation between some dragon hunters.  This in turn has him travelling into the lair of some dangerous terrain, under the impression that he is to rescue a captured Dragon.  Freeing the captured creature from its captors, Nath Dragon discovers that after all his efforts he has finally developed his first couple Dragon scales.  Him and his dwarven friend journey back to his father’s lair for his approval.  Upon seeing his father, Nath is not welcomed by the warm embrace that he expected.

Though this book was based around the fantasy world of dragons, dwarves and elves, the style was not to much of my liking.  It was an amazing book, but not for someone like me.  I would recommend this to those of you who are interested, in heroic and godly characters like, Thor, Conan and Zeus.  It was actioned packed, and Halloran’s character did not display the constant honorable, chivalrous hero like most books like to display.  Nath was more of a risk taker, enjoyed the excitement of battle and confrontation, while still rescuing the damsels in distress.  I give this book a thumbs up and recommend it to all you fantasy readers out there, especially for those of you who love dragons.

I downloaded this book from the Amazon market at a whopping price of $0.00.  If you want more information on the book check out some other reviews at GoodReads or Dennis Berry’s blog.


  1. dennisberry says:

    Good Review. You pretty much covered everything.

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